Tutorial Videos - TailTrax

Tutorial: Registration and Start “Family”

Training Video: Getting Started

Step 1: Go to the Apple or Android App store and download TailTrax for free.

Step 2: Push Get Started

Step 3: Complete the simple registration questions:

  • You can put in as many as 2 emails most people use a personal and work email
  • The emails are how you will receive invitations to families and packs

Step 4: Start your family

  • Most people name their family by their last name but you can name it anything your choose.
  • After starting your family you will be brought to your dashboard

Step 5: Start having fun and celebrate your dog.  See further training steps to learn how to use other features of the app.

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Tutorial: Adding a Dog

Training Video:  Setting up your Dog(s)

Step 1: Push Add Dog on your Dashboard

Step 2: Touch the image of the dog to be able to take a picture or use one from your photo library

Step 3: Add the information about your dog

Step 4: Be sure to add the Primary Vet you bring them to.  If you search and your vet is not in there you may add them. Most people search their vet on google and use the address and general email provided if they are not already listed. Your vet will get an email that their clients have started using TailTrax.  Be sure to let your Vet know to download it and set up their clinic to get the full benefits of the app.

Step 5: If you have to stop entering information at any time be sure to go to the bottom of the page and choose update dog.  This will save your information.  You may go back at any time and edit information or the picture.

Step 6: As member of the litter join the app you will see the litter tree being built out in the litter section.  If you know any of them or your breeder or rescue you can invite them to the app from your dashboard or give them a call.

Step 7: Digital Records: To be completed when this functionality is updated?

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Tutorial: TailTrax Families

Training Video:  How to use Families:

Step 1: Families is a great way to help care for your pup

Step 2: Go to your account button in the bottom right of the dashboard screen

Step 3: Choose invite to family.

  • Type the email of the accounts you want to invite to the family to be able to see your dogs profile and health information.

Step 4: Who should you invite to your family?

  • Everyone on Tailtrax can set up their own account. So The first person to set up the family and the dogs will invite others in the family such as a spouse and children. They will get the invitation as soon as they finish registering for the app through Step 3 under Get Started Training. When they accept the invitation they will immediately see the registered dogs.
  • People have used the families to invite their boarder, dog sitter, or others that care for your dogs. You can invite them while they care for your dogs and uninvite them when your dog(s) are not under their care.

Another use of families is if you have to bring your dog to a Vet other than your primary vet. You can invite them to your family during the time they care for your dog(s) so they can have access to the health records you have saved

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