Before our dogs Axel and Maggie, we lost two Labs to cancer within one year. Max and Rocky were wonderful dogs – but more than that, they were family. By the time each were diagnosed, both were too far along to help. We were frustrated and heartbroken, wishing we had a way to warn the other pet parents in Max and Rocky’s litters.

We know that family history and genetic predisposition might create increased risk for health conditions and illnesses for people. Why not offer the same access to family medical history for our four-legged family members? We learned first-hand what a difference this could make. TrailTrax was created to help every pet lover, parent and caregiver care for their pet like they do for their family.

TailTrax is the world’s first and only resource with litter-link technology™ that connects the real time health of your pet’s entire litter and family. With TailTrax, vets will have the real time health of all the dogs and parents in a pet’s litter. TailTrax gives your vet relevant and important information to better care for your pet. Our vision is to make TailTrax free and easily accessible to vets, pet parents, breeders, and rescue litter administrators.

We are continually looking for ways to make TailTrax a more useful tool in keeping a dog’s story long, healthy and happy. We also envision a place where pet parents can share the best moments of their pets through photos and videos – celebrating their story with dog lovers everywhere.

Laura and I need your help to spread the word and get as many loving pet parents as possible using TailTrax to keep their dogs healthy. We really believe every dog has a story just like our angels Max and Rocky, and our new angels on earth Axel and Maggie.

Thank You,

Matt & Laura Gelfand